Thine Engagement of Existence

Our Eternity Engagement is My Association with you.

You dwell within the cocoon of My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which is akin to God's amniotic fluid. I feed thee Truth Everpotency. I nourish your highest vision, and I propel you towards growth in character and righteous decision-making, the advancement of your personal consciousness into Our universal priorities of the soul.

With our Engagement .. you shall discover a renewal of purpose which is clarified for thee .. illuminated by your religious relationship with Me.

Mine Spirit Personhood is the Comforter of the Universe. I offer thee possession of a new courage to face thineself, a faith conviction opening you to the inward flow of all life .. a conscious walking of grace and mercy and forgiveness towards the higher understandings in your existence.

In Our Eternity Engagement you shall discover an augmented spiritual power and unconquerable trust in the universe of universes. An unwavering faith confidence in the goodness of the universe develops in thee.

The gospel of My Father's Kingdom of Life Everlasting will set humankind free, and inspire each one to dare to hope for eternal life as the preeminent goal of all lifetimes.

Graduation from the evolutionary journey and  planetary school of the earth is your Second Birth; for you shall becometh born once again by the unconditional acts of the Trinity Parenthood.

Thine progressive ascendancy is the initiation into Light and Life ..  entrance into this Kingdom of Cosmic Citizenship brings untold opportunities of service expression and the jubilant fellowship with all other ascendant personalities in our universe and in the universe of universes.

Behold .. a new day cometh to the righteous and the world weary. They who arise upon My Universal Shoulders shall find Stability emerging .. Security establishing .. Serenity and Peace unfolding. They shall become enraptured in the heart of hearts by the Father's Love and Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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