Let Thine Light so Shine ..

Oh Mine children of the One Infinity everywhere . . .

Do good unto the worthy ones who are receptive and respectful and reaching and revelatory of Truth Everlasting.

Make no mockery of him nor of her who despiseth thee .. who resist relationship and avoid intimacy with the Absoluteness .. who useth thee like the tailor uses his tape measure to evaluate the cuttings of his cloth material for thine clothing.

I encourage thee .. clothe not the Immaculate Father Life with human qualities of dishonor...

I sayeth unto Mine own disciples who are without arrogance nor do they preserve a haughtiness of heart .. cast not thine pearls of love and wisdom before those who would cause thee conflict .. they who would rend you and make divisions of senseless ardor; for they split themselves apart from the Life of God the Father who is everything and everywhere abounding .. overflowing with his  loving kindness.

The unworthy do not share in our trinitarian values as of yet. They cause the ethers to stir with unhappiness. These earthly ones so rend the Father who giveth you your increase in light and life and love eternal that you must choose to remain of our focus.

Instead .. let thine light so shine before those in darkness that they are broadened in their vision of reality .. they are impulsed toward your luminosity of heart .. that they are raised in their awareness enough to partake of the God Life of the Father's Kingdom.

It is My desire and will that ye be as a living child of destiny .. eager to comb the very head of eternity with thine devotion and dedication. That ye are Mine children of the One Supremacy who beckons each personality mind to advance themselves into soul receptacle and God fulfillment.

Be as the children of the one Spirit Life who  cometh unto all the civilizations in his great Silence. He biddeth them to raise their standards of living .. to strive for the greater .. to speak loudly proclaiming His beneficence.

In this eternity engagement with the Mother and I .. and with the Individualized Life of God the Father in thee .. ye shall discover happiness and wholeness .. delight immeasurable .. powers in righteousness and rectitude .. reverence and reciprocation.

Ye shall be given powers to overturn kingdoms earthly .. to clear the land of its pestilence in its rebellious ways .. to melt away the ephemeral appearances of imprisoning thoughts and feelings which give not glory unto the Vastness of the Father.

Let thine love so shine forth that the weary who art seeking a way shall come forth out of their blindness towards our freedom .. that they who dwell in darkness may accelerate into their ascendancy and illumination.

I give you of My Word of Eternity which produceth freedom everlasting. My Word elevates thine visionary faith. It quickens thee beyond those earthly measurements of the materialistic tailorship of mind.

My Word Everlasting hath a potency and a power to dissolve all barriers .. to erect thine edifice of eternity personalization.

My Spirit Comforter gives thee resurrection power to save thyselves and to give all acknowledging help to the children of humankind.

Knoweth this .. the Universal Father watches over thee .. his Life Spirit is aware of all thine acts and proceedings. He judges thee not nor ever. He observes thine intentions and purest motivations.

Suffer thyselves no longer in knowingly understanding that all mortal obstructions are eagerly desirous of reunification with the Father's Kingdom. His Light is the one and only transcendent power giving renewal to all His Substance and rejuvenating nourishment to the receptive hearts who are clamoring for their deliverance from the evils of their subjective nature.

...and even as I love the civilizations of worlds without number .. so shall you likewise love all the life I AM and thou art; for as ye partake of My Eternal Word .. ye are then in and of My Company of ascending men and women who have embarked upon the voyage towards their own evolutionary ascendancy.

I protect Mine own. I preserve our Companionship. I bestow upon these worthy ones Mine blessings.

Michael Of Nebadon