God is in the Littlest Acts and Things

These are Mine pronouncements to the humanity ..

Mine Living Word which hails from the Second Revelation of Infinity ..

These are My words which shall teach thee to aspire .. to become enthralled .. to immerse thyselves in the Life and Perfect Character of the Ineffable Luminosity.

Verily, ye shall seek the true illumination, ye shall ponder and ascribe to the Life Ideal, and only then, shall you be thine own salvation with our guidance and support; for I AM the Life that I AM in thee.

Thine deliverance from all blindness of heart is the direct result of giving thyself to the Mother's Vestment Spirits of Mind, Our  Trinitarian Values, and the Seven Foundational Virtues of the Universe Mother.

These three primary V's prepare thee for My Spirit of Truth holy Comforter to guide thine way.

Ye shall be in righteousness of deciding in favor of Our progressive association and eternity engagement.

Mine Vision cometh out of the Second Mystery .. the Second Revelation of Infinite Deity.

Hence .. do I instruct you in My Way .. Truth .. and Life.

Capture My Ideal. Elevate thine mind towards  the Everlasting Verities of the Kingdom which must be entered into with a wholehearted choice .. an unwavering discipline as My disciple of Truth Absolute.

You must raise the standards of your approach to life by adhering with a willingness undaunted by ephemeral things .. and ye shall act upon and apply daily Mine Comforter Volitions in embracing the eternal .. in extinguishing all thine ephemeral allegiances ..  in quickening thine stature into the higher station of life.

Let it be your most earnest study .. the revealing of your humanity through right prayer .. our Prayerful Intimacy .. and let thine hearts dwell upon the Life of God the Father who is living in thee even now. Let thine efforts be to reveal that indwelling God Life in all that you say and do...

Michael Of Nebadon


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