Beloved Seeker

Beloved Seeker of Eternal Truth in the One God,

Be not as the fools and laggards of the earth who call out Mine Name and ask continually for sustenance, and then bark and bite when I appear. These are as the rebellious children of the earth who have become unduly influenced by the seeds of confusion and rebellious immaturity.

I sayeth unto thee .. he and she who come forth to embrace our Eternity Engagement .. and who are wholehearted in their desire for freedom by Mine Universal Hand .. these are the ones whom I have returned to the earth to raise into the ascendant life Everlasting.

I am presently in human form once again, and I have opened My Planetary Campus and Spirit Retreat for seekers, aspirants, and apostles throughout the world who desire inordinately to enter into the greater and ascendant Kingdom of the One Fountainhead Source.

To qualify as a candidate for the living initiation of Cosmic Citizenship as an Immortal and Ascendant Personalization of God the Supremacy ye shall find the Eternal One and make of Him thine own.

Begin your explorations with Me .. study and advance thine universe career into the stabilizing and securitizing Divine Influences of the Father’s Kingdom of Light and Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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