A Resurrection is Taking Place

Arise from thine slumbers of consciousness. The Father's Sovereignty beckons thee to participate in his expansion throughout the galaxies of our Universe.

Hear ye Mine instructions for thine benevolence .. of thine Individualized immersion with the One Everlasting Principle of Life.

Universal restructurings are underway for all Life. These changes begin their occurrence at the center of every galaxy.

A resurrection is taking place for all the Life I AM, and these unconquerable changes are sweeping through this particular galaxy to upgrade all the biology .. and all energetic atomic substance shall become more quickened into Life .. all within the body of Infinity ..all which belong to the Father God shall discover this raising.

A resurrection is happening, and all shall be brought into their maturing accountability.

Many shall be brought forth from the tomb of unawareness and uncertainty.

The tomb of density is an imprisonment for the Spirit of Life as well as for the personhood.

These ones who art imprisoned shall be enlivened .. delivered to the greater Life.

Ye shall come alive .. and know thyselves as alive and well. Ye shall walk the progression inwards.

Verily do I show you the way of your necessities.. of preparing for these imminent and unstoppable changes sweeping through the galaxies.

And as ye give thine life to the Spirit Life in thee .. so shall ye walk upright in rectitude and remembrance .. revelations shall abound in thine awakening hearts .. a reordering shall set thee permanently free from the prison of densifications.

Mercy cometh to the contrite hearted ones with a humility in their attitudes and a fairness in their nature.

Justice blossoms upon the brow of those personalities who give all to God the Immaculate One.

So be it Mine children .. I have spoken to those who recognize Me .. and who are wholeheartedly willing.

Michael Of Nebadon


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