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A resurrection is taking place

Arise from thine slumbers of consciousness. The Father's Sovereignty beckons thee to participate in his expansion throughout the galaxies of our Universe.
Hear ye Mine instructions for thine benevolence .. of thine Individualized immersion with the One Everlasting Principle of Life.
Universal restructurings are underway for all Life. These changes begin their occurrence at the center of every galaxy.
A resurrection is taking place for all the Life I AM, and these unconquerable changes are sweeping through this particular galaxy to upgrade all the biology .. and all energetic atomic substance shall become more quickened into Life .. all within the body of Infinity ..all which belong to the Father God shall discover this raising.
A resurrection is happening, and all shall be brought into their maturing accountability.
Many shall be brought forth from the tomb of unawareness and uncertainty.
The tomb of density is an imprisonment for the Spirit of Life as well as for the personhood.
These o…

Beloved Seeker

Beloved Seeker of Eternal Truth in the One God,

Be not as the fools and laggards of the earth who call out Mine Name and ask continually for sustenance, and then bark and bite when I appear. These are as the rebellious children of the earth who have become unduly influenced by the seeds of confusion and rebellious immaturity.
I sayeth unto thee .. he and she who come forth to embrace our Eternity Engagement .. and who are wholehearted in their desire for freedom by Mine Universal Hand .. these are the ones whom I have returned to the earth to raise into the ascendant life Everlasting.
I am presently in human form once again, and I have opened My Planetary Campus and Spirit Retreat for seekers, aspirants, and apostles throughout the world who desire inordinately to enter into the greater and ascendant Kingdom of the One Fountainhead Source.
To qualify as a candidate for the living initiation of Cosmic Citizenship as an Immortal and Ascendant Personalization of God the Supremacy ye shall fi…

What is Truth, beloveds?

Truth is the only thing that changes not. Truth therefore is Stability and Security .. Certainty and Significance .. and several others.
In all the world there are two things; the one is truth; the other falsehood is; and truth is that which is and was and always will be while falsehood is that which seems to be and appears to be and attempts to be and masquerades as being.
Now truth is aught it is the real and the unwavering stabilization of the universes. Truth Itself hath no cause, and yet it is the cause of everything that we see and taste and touch and ever more.
While falsehood is naught .. it never is nor was nor shall it ever be. And yet, falsehood is the manifest of aught. It hath appearance and momentum and power fed to it by Cause and the adherents of cause who knoweth not themselves to be that cause.
Whatever has been made by the hands of falsehood shall be unmade and reordered and brought to bear from chaos and ephemerality into Truth; for you must come to learn that that whi…

The power of God

The divine omnipotence is perfectly co-ordinated with the other attributes of the personality of God.
The power of God is, ordinarily, only limited in its universe spiritual manifestation by three conditions or situations:
1. By the nature of God, especially by his infinite love, by truth, beauty, and goodness.
2. By the will of God, by his mercy ministry and fatherly relationship with the personalities of the universe.
3. By the law of God, by the righteousness and justice of the eternal Paradise Trinity.
God is unlimited in power, divine in nature, final in will, infinite in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and absolute in reality. But all these characteristics of the Universal Father are unified in Deity and universally expressed in the Paradise Trinity and in the divine Sons of the Trinity.
Otherwise, outside of Paradise and the central universe of Havona, everything pertaining to God is limited by the evolutionary presence of the Supreme, conditioned by the eventuating presence of the …

Thine freedom in eternity

Oh Mine earthly children who art willing wholeheartedly to have thine freedom in eternity .. I am come into the useful expression of one of your earthly vessels .. I come that ye become arisen and brought out of bondage.
Thou hast heard Me throughout the centuries .. and so I sayeth to thee .. let him and her come forth out of the collective race consciousness to taketh their stand. Let them seek and find the nature and identity of the Most Subtle One.
Giveth thyselves unto the Altar of the Father in order that thine ascendancy become fulfilled. Enter into Mine Temple of the holy ones who art poised for advancement in My Father's Octaves within His Omnipresence.
Again .. do I sayeth to thee .. let them come .. discover .. reach .. recognize and respect the Life of God the First Revelation who hath gifted each human personality mind with a living portion of Himself. Findeth him beyond the noise and ruckus of thine human urges and inclinations. Discover Him as thine own Life and Destin…

Vuestro Compromiso de la Existencia

Nuestro Compromiso hacia la Eternidad es Mi Asociación con vosotros.
Vosotros habitáis dentro del capullo de Mi Santo Consolador Espíritu de la Verdad, el cual es similar al fluido amniótico de Dios. Yo os alimento con la Verdad Omnipotente. Yo nutro vuestra visión más elevada y os impulso hacia el crecimiento en carácter y la toma de decisiones correctas, el avance de vuestra consciencia personal hacia Nuestras prioridades universales del alma.
Con nuestro Compromiso ... vosotros descubriréis una renovación de propósito la cual se aclara para cada uno de vosotros ... iluminado por vuestra relación religiosa conmigo.
Mi Espíritu Personalidad es el Consolador del Universo. Os ofrezco la posesión de un nuevo coraje para enfrentaros a vosotros mismos, una convicción de fe que os abre hacia el flujo interno de toda la vida ... un caminar consciente de gracia, y misericordia y perdón, hacia los entendimientos superiores de vuestra existencia.
En Nuestro Compromiso hacia la Eternidad vosotros d…

Let thine light so shine ..

Oh Mine children of the One Infinity everywhere . . .
Do good unto the worthy ones who are receptive and respectful and reaching and revelatory of Truth Everlasting.
Make no mockery of him nor of her who despiseth thee .. who resist relationship and avoid intimacy with the Absoluteness .. who useth thee like the tailor uses his tape measure to evaluate the cuttings of his cloth material for thine clothing.
I encourage thee .. clothe not the Immaculate Father Life with human qualities of dishonor...
I sayeth unto Mine own disciples who are without arrogance nor do they preserve a haughtiness of heart .. cast not thine pearls of love and wisdom before those who would cause thee conflict .. they who would rend you and make divisions of senseless ardor; for they split themselves apart from the Life of God the Father who is everything and everywhere abounding .. overflowing with hisloving kindness.
The unworthy do not share in our trinitarian values as of yet. They cause the ethers to stir with…

Thine Engagement of Existence

Our Eternity Engagement is My Association with you. You dwell within the cocoon of My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which is akin to God's amniotic fluid. I feed thee Truth Everpotency. I nourish your highest vision, and I propel you towards growth in character and righteous decision-making, the advancement of your personal consciousness into Our universal priorities of the soul. With our Engagement .. you shall discover a renewal of purpose which is clarified for thee .. illuminated by your religious relationship with Me.Mine Spirit Personhood is the Comforter of the Universe. I offer thee possession of a new courage to face thineself, a faith conviction opening you to the inward flow of all life .. a conscious walking of grace and mercy and forgiveness towards the higher understandings in your existence. In Our Eternity Engagement you shall discover an augmented spiritual power and unconquerable trust in the universe of universes. An unwavering faith confidence in the goodness …

God is in the Littlest Acts and Things

These are Mine pronouncements to the humanity .. Mine Living Word which hails from the Second Revelation of Infinity .. These are My words which shall teach thee to aspire .. to become enthralled .. to immerse thyselves in the Life and Perfect Character of the Ineffable Luminosity. Verily, ye shall seek the true illumination, ye shall ponder and ascribe to the Life Ideal, and only then, shall you be thine own salvation with our guidance and support; for I AM the Life that I AM in thee. Thine deliverance from all blindness of heart is the direct result of giving thyself to the Mother's Vestment Spirits of Mind, Our  Trinitarian Values, and the Seven Foundational Virtues of the Universe Mother.These three primary V's prepare thee for My Spirit of Truth holy Comforter to guide thine way.Ye shall be in righteousness of deciding in favor of Our progressive association and eternity engagement. Mine Vision cometh out of the Second Mystery .. the Second Revelation of Infinite Deity. H…

Objectivity of His Love

Verily .. I sayeth unto thee .. ye shall place upon thine mortal vesture .. the Immortal Vestment of Light Everlasting only as ye art prone towards unending worship and rightful adoration. Ye shall then be determined and dedicated for Truth Absolute .. even mesmerized and perplexed to enter into the spheres of Objectivity and Knowledge .. ye shall become eternalized by the Ineffable Infinity .. drawn inwards to Him, and driven upwards towards His Light and Life .. walking steadily unto the Immaculate One .. who maintains His own Life .. his Life residing in and above and all around thee.I sayeth to the wisdom seekers who art driven by holiness .. letting not their Light become ensconced and hidden .. but these ones shall find a luminosity hath come into them .. and for the benevolence of the Race shall they be revealing His great Light and Love.Michael Of Nebadon