Universal Vine of Joy

Prayerful Intimacy brings transformation through transparency and temerity .. tenderness and tutoring.

Prayerful Intimacy with thine Individualized God Life expands his Kingdom in you.

Prayerful Intimacy is Mine Holy Demand which ye shall arise into each day.

Blessed are the receptive ones who have delivered themselves into our trinitarian values beginning with God Recognition and Respect .. Reverence and Responsibility .. Relationship and Revelation.

Thine Universe Mother Spirit of Infinity hath an indescribable love for you. Her desire is your evolutionary development and progressive ascendancy in mind, body, will, and personality soul.

I Michael of the Father Son .. have incarnated amongst thee for the purposes of thine preparations .. the plan of thine advancements of heart.

Reach for the Life of the Father's Sovereignty with all thine love and desire .. and ye shall be quickened by the Universal Vine I AM.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon