Trinitarian Values

Salvington upon the earth in this current bestowal mission is the very first planetary expression of the universal educational fellowship which exists throughout the galaxies.

The experience of Salvington nurtures and grows all potentials into actuals.

Salvington offers human life a dynamic religious approach to living which transforms the average individual into a personality of idealistic grace and power .. humility and awe and wonder. It returns the personality into child-like innocence and natural wisdom.

My pure religious ideal ministers to the advancing progress of all kingdoms of life  through fostering a mind grown mature by the Vestment Spirits, an awareness enhanced and aligned with Our trinitarian values, and a receptacle of thine soul with the differential urge for worship and wisdom .. strengthened in the evolutionary progress of each individual, and the progress of each personality lifestream is augmented through the achievement of all beings.

Spiritual and human personality growth is simultaneously nourished and stimulated by intimate association with the other fellows of a civilization. And Salvington .. preserves this culture of cooperation and collaboration  .. consideration and constancy.

While divine love supplies a fertilized soil for religious growth to take place .. and while divine understandings create an objective lure in the place of mere subjective gratification and human opinion .. the personality grows in accordance with stability and significance.

Verily .. our Salvington association yields the supreme fruits of God Objectivity and waters the great seeds for unfolding joyful purpose and eternal meanings.

The days and lifetimes of limiting your life to the subjective and fleeting satisfactions of ephemerality become a thing of the past for Mine courageous apostleswho dedicate themselves to our ascendancy association.

Our spiritual religious walk towards greater absorption in the qualities of the Absoluteness actually ennoble the individual helping them to transcend the commonplace drudgery of daily living. Providing the everlasting tapestries upon which the God Ascent becomes victorious.

Michael Of Nebadon