Thine Wits Shall Serve Thee Soon

I taketh My bestowal mission in the midst of the world, and in flesh I appeared to them who have prayed endlessly to Me.

I found them all hesitant and resisting and rebelling .. drunk are they.

And I did not find their desire to quench their thirsty hearts and minds and bodies.

My being ached for the children of humanity; for they are blind in their hearts and do not see due to their disloyalties .. depending upon the ephemeral things for stability and security and safety and sincerity.

They came into the world empty of wisdom and understanding .. and they shall depart from this worldly octave empty-handed without grace nor purpose.

Drunken are they who give not themselves to the force of Life indwelling them.

When they shake off their drunken stupor in the centuries to come .. then shall they gather their wits of mind into true decisions and righteousness.

Then shall each individual personality mind change their ways and enter with excitement and engagement .. wholeheartedly and willingly of their own decisions.

Oh Mine children of this planetary tribal society .. I goeth the long way with thee ..  through all thine lifetimes until your arrival upon the beachhead of the Eternal Father's Absoluteness.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon