The Tyranny of thy Thirsty Heart

Have ye a thirst to reach inwards to find the Universal Father? Doth ye find thine satiation from the ever changing appearance?

I sayeth unto thee .. there is a Way to findeth the Life of God the Father who lives in and with thee.

I come unto the household of the confused ones who attempt to usurp the Father's Kingdom. I enter by Mine knock .. Mine touch .. Mine everpresent guidance.

I giveth to thee Mine quotient of faith trust and the mighty urge of Godly deliverance. I equip thee with the fervor for Truth Absolute. I entice thee with the props of your triumph in eternity .. your need to vanquish all thine mortal hesitations in the discovery of the ages.

Be ever as a child who is wanting and needing of the Life I AM.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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