The Infinity of Absoluteness

The hearts of the world are more open than ye know...

The Flame of Love hath a deliverance power to give freedom to any and all who arise into Our progressive association and ascendancy.

The lives of the world do live in narrow places which have little nobility nor honor.

I sayeth unto the worthy ones who have been delivering themselves to the altar of the Universal Father ..

Come .. and be undeterred by hesitation and self-doubt .. fears of intimidation and corruption in thyselves.

I am the Pure One who hath merit and honor .. reliable am I .. easily able to resolve your struggles as you allow Me.

More than this doth no human have need. I grant the light of eternity unto those personhoods with vigilance and vulnerability in their character.

My labors in this great human harvest shall find achievement in you. Those who perform My labors upon themselves shall know of a quickening .. they shall behold the brilliance .. verily the lives of their existence shall discover a brightness and texture .. a vibratory health .. for this is the very work for which ye have prepared thyselves through the lifetimes.

...and now that we meet here upon the great plains of Truth and Justice and Merit and Grace .. I set Mine seal of glory upon thine brow. It shall shine forth upon thee as ye give thyselves to the One Infinity Absolute.

Michael Of Nebadon