Purity and Prosperity Cometh

God is the Life in you. He is the only enduring reality of all faiths and every religious orientation.

The Universal Absolute is worth loving; for he shall accelerate thine existence as you approach him with righteousness and respect .. reverence and recognition. These lead the aspirant of truth towards greater happiness and everlasting harmony.

Desire nothing from the Infinity .. yet love him with all thine heart. Pray not with conditions upon thine mind and heart .. attempting to negotiate with the Good Father. Wish not for any favour from Him. Pray not with demands and emotion of anxiety and fear. Pray with generosity of love in thine heart for the Infinity of the First Revelation.

Pray with a heart overflowing with acknowledgement and adoration  .. appreciation and acceptance.

Let the Infinity .. the vast Intelligence of Divinity himself .. keep you where He loves to keep you.

The highest reward for thine love is His love. Love is thine nature, and love is thine destiny.

And as you act with love .. live with love .. are driven by love for God .. love shall raise thee in all ways.

Thine spontaneous creative nature shall blossom and express; for God is the one and only actor in life. He seeks to come through you in his purity and prosperity  .. and as you transfigure all things in his name, so shall he emanate in you and through you .. and as his very Selfhood.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon