You Become His Soul Receptacle

Knoweth that I am the One who gives to thee the greater Life of the Father's Spirit Force as you become his soul receptacle.

I AM the Living Word who dwells with thee at all times. Mine Impulse motivates thee into action and activity.

Heareth My proclamations unto humanity...

The day cometh when each must obey My commandments; as I am the One sent to deliver you out from the evolutionary journey of darkness which you have been immersed within.

Those who do love Me and are obedient to My preceptual commands for their freedom .. these are few in number; while they who serve Mammon are as the numberless sands which comprise the beachheads of the world.

Beloveds .. I am come into My own who do recognize Me. I walk now ever in thy midst upon the passageways of your civilization.

I give out the Everlasting Essence of the Life of the Father to Mine seekers and disciples and apostles who uphold a clean demeanor and a  clear reverence for our progressive association of ascendancy.

These apostles attempt not to make a mockery of the Immaculate Spirit of Love.

They stand in My assurance that they shall find the Life I AM .. and that this very Life shall expand throughout themselves into fulfillment .. just as the ray's of sunshine  envelope the solar system giving warmth and light and making all things to grow into their potential.

Holy is the God Ideal of our Triune Parenthood.

Holy is the gift of thine God Life which ye are called forth to identify with .. to expand into ..  and to grow into consciousness.

I am strengthened by those who art prone to reject My coming into view.

I arise in thee as the Father's Sovereignty .. in all those personalities who venture towards truth and love untainted and untorn apart by the destructively misqualified emanations of the fallen ones.

Be of good cheer...

Be of goodly countenance and consideration...

Be of gladness in thine courage to seeketh My counsel in My Eternal Personhood .. and to always invite Me into your Prayerful Intimacy with the Father .. through the Truth Spirit of the Comforter which surrounds thee in every way and at all times of your journey.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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