To Help You

Mine children .. believe that I am come into your planetary domain .. to help you arise into a more bountiful life in the here and the hereafter.

The Mother and I, we have observed and attended to your evolutionary progress from the beginnings. We have sought to cultivate your approach to the fuller Life of the Father who presides gracefully within thine terrestrial consciousness. He is the Life presence that you have within you, and which you are destined to become eternally one with.

Seek and aspire for truth and love; for these qualities are truly within your grasp. They are not far off away in a distant land, but thine capacity to behold thine godhood resides close by. Begin to learn of Our Virtues and Values and Vision for all creatures who aspire survival of personality, and the developing growth of their soul essence in alignment and purpose with the One God.

Aspire to reach the Higher Pastures which are filled to overflowing with Grace and Mercy. Draw into your human experience those Qualities of divine effulgence which ye shall find necessary to your advancement .. the evolutionary advance of thine earthly career as a personality soul and mind and body which seeks stability in the Father God .. which craves to climb the avenues of the adventures of service and security, sovereignty and sustenance in the One Life which I AM, and which ye shall bring forth into your own realized view.

I stand with the Host and the Mother Spirit of Nebadon.

Michael Of Nebadon


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