To Doeth Thine Bidding in Light and Life

Cultivate the Absoluteness of Love and Merciful Empathy.

I showeth you in our Association of Ascendancy .. that by growing Love Absolute ye do impart properties of Life into the matter.. into thine form .. and that ye cause that formed  matter to doeth thine bidding in Light and Life.

...and Love .. that is to say .. the Father's Absoluteness of Love hath a Power and Integrity .. a Purpose and Purity .. a Living and Growing Poise .. by which it touches into matter .. giving Life .. quickening all matter unto Its own Life.

Miracles according to Ultimate Law develop as that matter is touched by the Father's Life. A Sovereignty emerges .. a Stability unliketh to all ephemeral stabilities gains its threshold.

I sayeth unto thee .. the Father's Sovereignty is a permanence for the personality soul. It raiseth that personhood into realms of grandeur .. octaves of his omniscience. His Sovereignty is a Security and Safety which replenishes thine soul mind and regenerates all the formed matter into His Life Eternal.

...and this spiritual reformation is his transforming power in expression.

The personality giveth themselves to that One Life, and the One Fatherhood Life giveth to that personality the greater Life .. and the fuller advancement .. into worlds of wonder and awe and pure goodness, truth, and beauty unable to be put into language.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon