The Schools of our Local Universe

In the schools of our local universe .. the life of the soul engages in individual, group classes, and larger conference teachings upon the planetary spheres of the local systems galactic grooming spheres and the constellation educational spheres.

On these educational spheres wherein your universe fellowship is fostered .. you are becoming introduced to the Salvington culture.

There are a multitude of glorious opportunities to learn and grow in our universe schools .. and you are each becoming more fully established in the higher way of thinking and feeling and doing. You are ascribing to become more expertly trained in the mastery of your use of thoughts, words, and acts.

When you reach the constellation worlds, there are schools of ethics and administration and social adjustment. The universe is opening its doors to you as you are better acquainted with the way things are done. You are maturing into personality and divinity in ways unimaginable from the planetary age of your evolutionary history.

And as ye are becoming more learned as a perfectly blended personality with the Life of God the Father .. you are advanced further inwards to the universe headquarters worlds wherein you will enter the schools of philosophy, divinity, and pure spirituality which are the surroundingorbs of wisdom, illumination, and ascendancy.

Thine personhood is becoming increasingly blended with the Life of the God the Father, the values and virtues of the culture of eternity in our universe, and those inner gifts of your own personality begin to have a more pronounced expression in your service and brotherhood participation.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon