Son Of Man Cometh

Knoweth the hour and its timely quotient for Truth to come knocking upon thine inner door. He does enter therein through the dignity of the front door.

Be ye His servant who opens wide the inlets of thine awareness.

Stand alert and unearth thine graven images of separation.

Suffer no longer thine perplexities of mind .. and take these thieves which bring to you confusions and doubts .. allow them to leave thine house through the doorways of your transfigurations.

Know what hour the thief would come. Watch with diligence and mind vigilance for his entrance.

Allow him not to enter and fill thine inner house with the poisons of his worldly manufactured solution.

Watch, wonder, willingly await...

The Lord thine God cometh through the silence. He seeps into thine earthly home by your attentiveness and devotions .. thine virtues of eternal contemplations and everlasting wonderings.

Be ye therefore ready; for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not.

Michael Of Nebadon