Seek Me ...

Seek Me as I am today .. walking with you upon your planetary shores. I am a more modernized expression in this 21st century bestowal mission which I have taken upon My Persona.

Just as you choose to dress in the modern garb of the present era .. I choose to be in the more modernized garments of the 21st century Americas.

Yet .. I am with you in the carnal garment of your species .. to heal .. bless .. and prosper thee. To educate you in the ways of the heavenly things .. to enlighten you in your mortal faculties and creative nature .. and to illuminate thine mortal stature of personhood  into the immortal achievement of the Second Birth.

...and as ye art virtuous in thine character .. worthy in thine values and priorities and meanings .. so shall your relevance increase to Me .. your usefulness shall ripen and be rewarded .. your reverence shall mature into the necessary relationship values of eternity -  recognition, respect, responsibility, revelation, and only then, receptivity.

These values do find their root in the personality mind who ventures towards Our progressive order and the absolute advancement of their personality soul and spirit consciousness in the Kingdom.

Michael Of Nebadon