Human Nature hath its Choices

Human nature hath its choices.. and mortal personality tends to choose the path appearing easiest .. but that pathway is of the darkness .. its ignorance opens the door into living life from the lowest urges and tendencies.

Evolutionary advancements are slim and rare and slow moving within thine civilization...

Few individuals do progress consciously upon the avenues of ascendancy .. and their progression is consumed by wasted time and improper choices .. lost opportunities in the space of their lifetimes .. and careless decisions which provoke them into further confusions and callousnessof faith and trust in God who lives within each personality mind.

And for those personalities who choose carelessly to steer their existence upon the seas of living .. each one reaps whatsoever they have sown with their thoughts, words, and acts.

...and My Administration allows all learning to occur for the individual. I honor their free will to choose however they desire. I celebrate and support thine decisions because each individual choice shall eventually lead to greater understandings.

Thus .. is evolution this way .. slow and often painful upon a world such as your own.

Yet .. education is necessary .. and the individual personality must step forth to desire truth absolute beyond the perimeters of their own ideas and opinions and subjective interpretations.

Truth must be reached for .. sought after .. hungered for .. and an intense thirst must be reached .. so much so that you desire to embody God's Way above and beyond your own way.

Michael Of Nebadon