Giving is of Thine Godhood

Oh Mine children who art desirous to serve with Me together in this our universal home ..

Ye must gather thine giving attributes. Giving is of the Trinity Parenthood. Giving is the nature of God.

Giving raises all thine urges towards worship and wisdom. Giving beckons thee towards understanding and receiving counsel. Giving awakens thine intuitions and thine godly instincts which must be developed by you through your choices, decisions, thoughts and feelings and deeds of action.

Giving begins with thine own giving of thyselves to the Life of God the Father. His Gift of Life must be claimed by thee. It is thine inheritance and thy destiny to embrace, accept,expand,and unfold in Actualization .. beloveds.

Giving is then .. your own nature .. and these tendencies are of the Universal Absolute One.

Give from your heart to the beings of all the kingdoms of the earth. Give patience and tolerance. Give compassion and mercy. Give openness and considerateness of heart.

Giving shall be thine anthem .. thine eternal mantra. Give .. Give .. Give .. of the attributes of the Paradise Spirit who lives in thee as thine Life.

Now .. are ye Mine children of this world civilization who are embarking upon the avenues of ascendancy.

Now are ye the emerging masters of immortality who art prone towards the higher inclinations of living a more abundantlife with the Life Gift of God the Father.

I walk with you as the surrounding Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. One with the Life of God the Father .. God the Son .. and God the Spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon


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