Mine Holy Offerings for the Humanity

Verily do I tell thee of Mine offerings for the humanity .. I tell ye most solemnly, whosoever keepeth Mine Word shall not taste of disease nor degeneration and neither shall they encounter death.

Ye shall come along  .. inwards upon the illuminated highways of the Trinity Source .. for death hath no part of the divine Plan for the civilization. The Father commands of thee .. Life Everlasting.

If any man and woman are athirst, let them come unto Me and drink of Mine outpourings of love and light; for these are the Life of the One Infinite Absolute who hath already determined thine freedom once ye maketh of thyselves worthy.

I tell thee .. he and she who believeth in Me . . . out of his belly shall flow the essential rivers of Living Water. And these Waters shall be as a fountain producing untold wealth and health and liberty for Mine apostles.

Michael Of Nebadon