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The Open Door

I AM the Open Door of God's Infinite Possibilities; as you raise the field of your life and personality consciousness into light .. so shall you walk upright in freedom and dignity.
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

The Father's Kingdom of Love

Blessed are the weary of the world who have exhausted all possibilities in seeking their security from the ephemeral world of appearance; for they shall find comfort in the Father's Kingdom of Love.
Michael Of Nebadon

Mine Holy Offerings for the Humanity

Verily do I tell thee of Mine offerings for the humanity .. I tell ye most solemnly, whosoever keepeth Mine Word shall not taste of disease nor degeneration and neither shall they encounter death.

Ye shall come along  .. inwards upon the illuminated highways of the Trinity Source .. for death hath no part of the divine Plan for the civilization. The Father commands of thee .. Life Everlasting.

If any man and woman are athirst, let them come unto Me and drink of Mine outpourings of love and light; for these are the Life of the One Infinite Absolute who hath already determined thine freedom once ye maketh of thyselves worthy.

I tell thee .. he and she who believeth in Me . . . out of his belly shall flow the essential rivers of Living Water. And these Waters shall be as a fountain producing untold wealth and health and liberty for Mine apostles.

Michael Of Nebadon

Amplify thine trustworthy heart

Oh ye Mine brethren who art prone towards Understandings .. gather thine convictions of faith .. bring thou birth to the Father's Life in you .. amplify thine trustworthy heart.
Long have I and My Order awaited upon thee. The Avenues of our Progressive Ascendancy art illumined by the sacrifices of your immortalized brothers and sisters .. and ye harken not .. ye crave not thine merit to be enhanced .. ye art stale of receptivity. .. and Our benevolence shall not find its place in you.
I speaketh unto My peoples .. and these ones do know My voice .. they feel My Truth .. and as such .. they shall find their anointing alignment with the gift of the Father's Life.
Michael Of Nebadon

I Prosper Thee Now

Verily .. I have come into the expression of this human form .. the Formless Eternal Spirit that I AM .. to teach wavering humankind to find their resting place .. and to find solace .. within the awakening of their divinity.To teach humankind to identify themself with the divinity of their own Life .. and attain to eternal and immortal joy and happiness. I have come for the individual .. regardless of their religious proclivities or their orientations .. to show, by example .. how men and women may attain righteous values and moral purity; the ways humankind shall become forever free from every distressing obstruction of mortality which inhibits their personality soul from advancing into the destiny of the ages.I am come to reconcile with thee .. thine erroneous momentums which have weakened you upon the pathways of truth and everlasting give aid and sustenance in order to make the blind to see with the Eye of Spirit. To make the deaf to hear truth .. apart from their d…

Pray with Me .. beloveds

Pray with Me .. beloveds of the earth.
Our Infinite Father .. who hath his Body as the creation and ever greater .. encompassing all the heaven of heavens .. the universe of universes.
Thine Name is Holy. Thine Benevolence is Everpresent .. Sovereign .. and Absolute for all to enter therein.
Holiest is thine Presence .. the One and Only Life Everlasting which we are part and parcel with and of.
Thine Kingdom is come even now .. and thine will is the fullness of harmony .. order .. and rejoicing happiness for all who art willing to partake of thy Presence and Power through thine Purity and Everlasting Forgiveness .. thine Purpose and Plan for the salvation of all the kingdoms of this earth.
We ask for thine Order and Harmony to become established upon the earth as it is already throughout the heaven of heavens which is thine Holy Body and Everlasting Life.
Give us this day our daily bread of Understanding Knowledge .. Counsel and Courage .. Worship of thee and Wisdom of our existence in You.

The Everlasting Equilibrium of Truth

Beloveds .. I am come into thine pastures .. thine human octaves. I have taken form here physically .. to better guide and instruct Mine apostles of the world who do seek wholeheartedly the Father's Life .. and who desire inordinately to become of his identity and his immaculate character in all righteousness and recognition .. all remembrance and revelation.All ye who have the courage to believe .. to gather thine convictions of faith invisualization .. to birth further thine trusting heart of discernment to walk with Me .. to learn from Me .. to gather thine creations into light .. and to become thou .. engaged in our fellowship together.I say unto you .. come and place thine Life upon the altar of Our Association of Ascendancy.Once again do I stand in thine midst to penetrate thine wits of intellectual understanding .. and to provoke thine highest inclinations .. and finally, to give you the Life more abundant which you are seeking to establish.Doubt not that I am here in physi…

More shall be given unto you

Verily do I say unto you .. use well what ye are given, and even more will be given to you .. entrusted with you .. brought to you for your advancement and ascendancy.
The Life of God the Father comes down to you .. in you .. through you .. for your expressive use. He lends you himself .. extends to you his Substance of living light for your proper usefulness which leads each personality soul into their eternal freedom.
The Life of God is thine fullest Life and greatest Selfhood. The Kingdom of the Heavenly Father is his omnipresence which includes everyone and all things.
Make goodly use of the Life of the Father .. and as ye give honor and respect to his Life .. creating emanations of light and life in his name .. so do you give him your honor. You become .. thou .. honorable and trustworthy.Worthiness sprouts in thee.
Yet for those who do nothing of a constructive nature .. misapplying their own Divine Life .. creating destructive things from out of the Immaculate Spirit Substance of t…

The heart knows

I bid of ye to stimulate thine highest urges for the Father's Life .. to reach for the grandest vision .. to aspire to conduct thyselves in honor of the God Life so that you do that thing which ye findeth in thine heart.
The heart knows what it desires to all goodly fruits to emerge. Purpose shall provoke thine highest inclinations. Our eternal values are for relationship with the Infinity Spirit of thine own Life .. thine Life and Existence.
Worthiness grows in My disciples who seek allegiance with this Life. Integrity shall become revealed. Intelligence will give you capacity for a fuller understanding and a compassionate grace upon your brothers and sisters will emerge, ripen, and mature thee.
Michael Of Nebadon