Ye shall Thereafter Find Your Way

Verily do I tell thee of the Father's Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy .. his Kingdom is his Universal Body of Spirit which you shall enter therein for nourishment and succor.

The Father's Life is revealed as his Light .. a Light which transcendeth all substance .. and yet .. this substance and form is made of his Light.

Light of the One Father transcendeth .. I say .. all substance and every form. It giveth emanation to that form and substance, and his Light is beyond all things.

Thine mortal form hath blueprint in thought .. and this pattern is brought into tangibility .. into manifest appearance .. with the generating of feelings. Feelings fill in all forms of thought .. it maketh alive every form by quickening its vibratory activity.

Yet, feelings can cause form to disintegrate by their feeling qualities. It is always your choice as to whether you shall generate feelings which bring forth destructive and disintegrating experience .. or whether ye shall align with the constructive nature of the Father's creative power to precipitate into appearance and experience his harmony and perfect order .. his prosperity and peace .. his radiance in ascendancy and adorations.

...and ye are the Father's creative consciousness in finite expression. Ye are his emerging personalization .. his divine presence manifest .. to conduct his intent and will.

Be thou ever and always in his adoration and acknowledgement .. and ye shall thereafter find your way to a greater and more abundant life.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Father Son Personified .. Infinite God the Sevenfold  .. Absolute Spirit Unified.

Michael Of Nebadon