Accessible to Any and All

I am thine Universe Father Son .. the One you have named Yeshua.

I am come unto you now revealing to humanity My Universe Station and Name.

I arrive unannounced and accessible to any and all who will give themselves to Our Values and Virtues. Always, I am surrounding you in My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence .. ever ready to guide those individuals who will sincerely invite Me to guide them into a  greater discernment of truth.

In this 21st century bestowal mission, I arrive upon your earthly shores .. and I hold this human form once more. A different human form .. yet always am I the Spirit Persona of Michael.

I come to illuminate the progressive order of ascendancy which many shall choose to enter therein .. to advance themselves in their universe career into light and life.

Come thou child .. unto Me .. and I shall raise you ever onwards and upwards in the mysteries of mysteries...

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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