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And when it sprouts, ye love it

My Word is like a grain of wheat. When ye have sown it, ye place thine faithful intention with it and in it .. and when it sprouts, ye love it, because you see many grains of wheat instead of just one. A field of promise blossoms, and a field of living awakened potentiality is discovered.
And afterwards .. having placed your determination and desire in My Word .. the Kingdom sprouts and awakens in thee .. you work with the vestments and values and virtues .. and you are entering salvation because ye have been preparing it as your daily food .. your prayerful intimacy builds momentum and worthiness .. and ye still keep some of this food of the Living Word available in order to sow greater manifestations of God's glory and ye do the Father his honor.
This is how you can acquire the Kingdom of heaven for thyselves .. The Kingdom of Universal Citizenship.
Unless you acquire it through the Prayerful Intimacy with the Father's Life in you.. and unless you reach higher and wider .. and …

The capacity for advancement

Thine healing shall prosper thee into freedom and character righteousness.
Thine mind's christening shall come about through adherence with the very law of thine being.
You have .. each and everyone .. a destiny to emerge into and unfold right while you are living in this mortal garment.
...and through the soft and powerful emanations of the Originating Son's Mercy .. he shall gain the capacity for advancement.
Michael Of Nebadon

Salvington Students

Salvington students become the mastery they are seeking. Their lives reflect a consistency conditioned by this living faith, this sublime religious experience.

This spiritual attitude comes to wholly dominate your thinking and feeling, while you're believing and praying, your serving and sharing, offer a supreme fulfillment in the cooperative culture of University Of Salvington.
And those individuals who give themselves to the pathway of Academic Fellowship discover that their teaching and preaching comes from a real and true place of humility and honor.
A humbleness in relationship with the Infinity of God unfolds in well-balanced proportions of love, wisdom, and empowerment with the Spirit of the Father living in you.
Michael Of Nebadon

Righteousness unto the Resurrection

I AM come unto the world to dispel the shadows which have become a plight upon the minds of the human kingdom. I return once more to demonstrate unto Mine receptive and worthy ones the Way of Eternal Life .. to beareth witness to Truth Absolute .. to further reveal the Way of righteousness and rectitude which leadeth all men and women unto the Father's Heavenly Kingdom of Life Everlasting.Come and learn of My Way of God Victory  through the mind's evolutionary advancement into wholehearted willingness, and the proper use of thine creative nature in the Life of God the Father.Walk within our Universal Fellowship of Truth Everlasting through the principles of God Authority, and thy Personality Authorship necessary to bypass the erroneous doorway of disease .. degeneration .. and death; for I AM the Way and the Truth and the Absolute Life of God the Father Son. I come with the Universe Mother Spirit who is daughter to God the Spirit on high.Enter now with Me the Life I AM .. the …

Accessible to any and all

I am thine Universe Father Son .. the One you have named Yeshua.
I am come unto you now revealing to humanity My Universe Station and Name.
I arrive unannounced and accessible to any and all who will give themselves to Our Values and Virtues. Always, I am surrounding you in My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence .. ever ready to guide those individuals who will sincerely invite Me to guide them into agreater discernment of truth.
In this 21st century bestowal mission, I arrive upon your earthly shores .. and I hold this human form once more. A different human form .. yet always am I the Spirit Persona of Michael.
I come to illuminate the progressive order of ascendancy which many shall choose to enter therein .. to advance themselves in their universe career into light and life.
Come thou child .. unto Me .. and I shall raise you ever onwards and upwards in the mysteries of mysteries...
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

Ye shall thereafter find your way

Verily do I tell thee of the Father's Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy .. his Kingdom is his Universal Body of Spirit which you shall enter therein for nourishment and succor.
The Father's Life is revealed as his Light .. a Light which transcendeth all substance .. and yet .. this substance and form is made of his Light.
Light of the One Father transcendeth .. I say .. all substance and every form. It giveth emanation to that form and substance, and his Light is beyond all things.
Thine mortal form hath blueprint in thought .. and this pattern is brought into tangibility .. into manifest appearance .. with the generating of feelings. Feelings fill in all forms of thought .. it maketh alive every form by quickening its vibratory activity.
Yet, feelings can cause form to disintegrate by their feeling qualities. It is always your choice as to whether you shall generate feelings which bring forth destructive and disintegrating experience .. or whether ye shall align with the const…