You who seek and aspire and adore

Think ye that freedom and nourishment cometh to the unasking ones?

Think ye that the Infinity of the Nameless One shall inundate thee with his Goodness?

Ponder yet .. that God's Word hath it's avenues of fathomless distribution. His Manna from out of the Second Revealing of God the Son descendeth on those who put forth sincere effort and soulful determinations.

I say unto you who seek and aspire and adore to become the nature of God Himself .. that as each personality yearns for Objectivity .. as each one thirsts for righteousness and alignment with Truth .. these ones who apply their free will towards constructive emotionalism and everlasting earnestness of heart .. they discover grace and mercy coming to them from beyond the planetary earth.

The soul of humanity gropeth for radiance and its illumination. The civilized ones of the race do strive upwards to embody a greater portion of Infinity and His Existence.

Ye shall maketh thine progression evolutionary leap unto sovereignty and serenity only as ye become attuned and diligent .. rectified and responsibly inclined.

The Infinity Individualized God Identity beckons thee toward wholehearted wholeness and happiness.  It seeketh fuller residence in you while leading thine wits into understanding and courageous choices.

Ye shall cometh .. Mine children .. unto thine opportunity for the greater life more abundant through truthfulness and transfiguring .. transparency and tenderness .. the tenacity of God hath need of thee to prosper and become thou bold for relevance, purpose,  meaning, direction, and advancement in light and life.

Be thou Mine Sovereign Shepherd.  Enter into the Father's Life and Supremacy .. his Will asks of thee to maketh a maturity of thyself .. a humility .. and an honor.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Father Son Personified .. Infinite Hand of God the Sevenfold .. Mother and Host Unified.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington