Thine God Ascent

In entering the Kingdom of the Heavens .. ye shall practice truthfulness and transparency.

All things stand naked before the heaven of heavens.

For thine God Ascent hath a power and purity which shall become your impetus and motivation for freedom.

There is nothing hidden under the stars that will not be revealed as you maketh your traverse into My Father’s Sovereignty, absolutely nothing will retain its discolor and disharmony in thee.

The Kingdom is an illumination of all thoughts and emotionalism .. every particle of God's holy substance 
 shall be stripped clean in you before you are allowed to enter.

All tendencies of thine bodily raiment shall be thou elevated and enhanced into light. Thine urges of the animal and mechanical and material mind shall mature and ripen .. so that your images and self idols are washed clean.

...and ye shall know thyself in the Immaculately Conceived glory which the Father hath brought ye forth.

Michael Of Nebadon


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