Mine Thought of Perfection and Glory

And I sayeth to the world weary ones who seek for an absoluteness of thought .. and an objectivity of emotionalism .. beyond the circumference of their subjective preconceivings and deleterious opinions which hath been causing degenerative vibratory sickness and death .. and they who yearn for an everlasting escape from their atrophying attitudes of insecurity and unworthiness .. and he and she who thirst for a transcendence of their humanly misqualified mortality .. of the ailing attributes of the race which perpetually fail to deliver them into God's Pure Justice and Reverential Righteousness . . .

I have said, Mine Sovereign Shepherds of Salvington are just as a wise and robust fisherwoman who hath cast her net into the sea of her own personal consciousness .. and she hath drawn it upwards from this apparent sea of God's Life full of the little fishes of her  misqualification and misappropriated momentums of God's Purity of Life.

Among the fish she hath discovered is this One Absolutum .. One Untainted Absolute and Unwavering Reality .. the One Unchangeable Life .. the Living Undergarment of Love .. a Living Thread of Substance Divine .. and the One Fine and Large Fish of God's Life which has been masquerading as ephemeral misqualification .. circumstance and environment.

Our fisherwoman .. she hath pulled upwards unto her breast all the little fishies of her self creating .. back into the One Sea of God's Life .. she hath easily chosen with her faith Invisualization and Trusting Imagination to perceive the Large and Great Fish of God Reality which holds all promises to become fulfilled In her existence.

Whoever hath ears unwaxen by the worldly rhetorical chimes of babbling thoughts and erroneous purposes shall hear of Mine Thought of Perfection and Glory.

Michael Of Nebadon

The first mission of this 21st Century Bestowal Mission of Christ Michael Of Nebadon is to foster and personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty.