Everlasting Citizenship in Love

The Kingdom of My Father’s Life establishes security within the personality mind.  His Sovereign Kingdom generates certainty for the individual willing to transfigure themselves into his light.

My Father’s Kingdom is stability for all the universes. His stability is harmony and divine order.

In My Father’s Kingdom ye shall discover your penetrating purpose, heavenly meaning, and higher direction.

You will uncover all those secrets to thine own existence as you raise thine mortal vibratory imperfections .. as ye unveil the veils of forgetfulness .. and as you peel back thine rebelliousness caused by poor decisions and obliterated loyalty which hath carried you into the darkness of misconstrued character and unethical choices.

Now .. only as ye become diligent in purification .. and as ye are prone to give all glory and honor to God the Father, so shall you walk with Me into your everlasting Illumination and divine freedom.

I come to raise the deaf into hearing .. to quicken the blind into spirit sight .. and to resurrect the lame who have not been able to walk into light .. towards their own Universal Citizenship in their Second Birth Initiation into Personality Soul Immortality.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington