Come harmless and without agenda

No one shall enter into My Father’s Kingdom of Love unless they come harmless and without agenda.

No vain purposes nor arrogance can withstand the pure emanations of God's Life.

Ye shall not want from another recognition and acknowledgement .. the embarrassing poisons of mortal corruption which hath you a slave to seekings in ephemerality.

You shall know from whence cometh thine benevolence and who art thine benefactors of love who look out for thine highest interest.

I sayeth unto My apostles of Salvington University, receive of Me here physically and in My Spirit Comforter .. yet look unto the Father’s Spirit Life in you. He is thine destination, and I am one and the same with He.

Ye shall not want from ephemerality .. neither shall you need .. for all goodness, truth, and beauty shall be made known to thee.  There shall be no secrets kept from you as you arise into our apostleship of ascendancy.

I await for the Father’s Life in you to reveal all...

Michael Of Nebadon