All is of the One Deity

Verily do I guide thine ascendancy into the Father's Light and Life...

Ye perceive thine grains of misqualified momentums .. those imperfections which you judge .. in your brother’s eye and your sister's eye .. but ye remain unaware, blind, deaf, and dumb to viewing the grain in your own eye.

When you take those misqualified grains of imperfect love out of your own eye, then shall you see clearly yourselves .. your brothers and sisters shall you know .. and with insight and intelligence shall you know and understand that all is of the One Deity .. the Infinity of Life.

Now .. shall you advance thyselves into evolutionary promise, and the great unveiling of thine supremacy of potentials.

All these things do I say to you with wisdom and care .. for it is necessary to embrace unconditionally all imperfect grains .. every grain of imperfection shall be passed through thine unconditional acceptance .. the receiving back of your own Godly Substance shall be returned perfect to the Life of God the Father .. all that ye have ever made the use of in your excursions of experience shall be transformed into his Unqualified Perfection through thine righteous use of your personality authorship.

I come to demonstrate the Way of God Deliverance .. the Truth of God Authority .. and the Life of this God Remembrance by your Prayerful Intimacy with Infinity.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon