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All is of the One Deity

Verily do I guide thine ascendancy into the Father's Light and Life...
Ye perceive thine grains of misqualified momentums .. those imperfections which you judge .. in your brother’s eye and your sister's eye .. but ye remain unaware, blind, deaf, and dumb to viewing the grain in your own eye.
When you take those misqualified grains of imperfect love out of your own eye, then shall you see clearly yourselves .. your brothers and sisters shall you know .. and with insight and intelligence shall you know and understand that all is of the One Deity .. the Infinity of Life.
Now .. shall you advance thyselves into evolutionary promise, and the great unveiling of thine supremacy of potentials.
All these things do I say to you with wisdom and care .. for it is necessary to embrace unconditionally all imperfect grains .. every grain of imperfection shall be passed through thine unconditional acceptance .. the receiving back of your own Godly Substance shall be returned perfect to the Life …

Thine God Ascent

In entering the Kingdom of the Heavens .. ye shall practice truthfulness and transparency.
All things stand naked before the heaven of heavens.
For thine God Ascent hath a power and purity which shall become your impetus and motivation for freedom.
There is nothing hidden under the stars that will not be revealed as you maketh your traverse into My Father’s Sovereignty, absolutely nothing will retain its discolor and disharmony in thee.
The Kingdom is an illumination of all thoughts and emotionalism .. every particle of God's holy substance  shall be stripped clean in you before you are allowed to enter.
All tendencies of thine bodily raiment shall be thou elevated and enhanced into light. Thine urges of the animal and mechanical and material mind shall mature and ripen .. so that your images and self idols are washed clean.
...and ye shall know thyself in the Immaculately Conceived glory which the Father hath brought ye forth.
Michael Of Nebadon

Mine Thought of Perfection and Glory

And I sayeth to the world weary ones who seek for an absoluteness of thought .. and an objectivity of emotionalism .. beyond the circumference of their subjective preconceivings and deleterious opinions which hath been causing degenerative vibratory sickness and death .. and they who yearn for an everlasting escape from their atrophying attitudes of insecurity and unworthiness .. and he and she who thirst for a transcendence of their humanly misqualified mortality .. of the ailing attributes of the race which perpetually fail to deliver them into God's Pure Justice and Reverential Righteousness . . .
I have said, Mine Sovereign Shepherds of Salvington are just as a wise and robust fisherwoman who hath cast her net into the sea of her own personal consciousness .. and she hath drawn it upwards from this apparent sea of God's Life full of the little fishes of her  misqualification and misappropriated momentums of God's Purity of Life.
Among the fish she hath discovered is this…

I teach thee of what is .. and what was .. and what is to come

Verily do I say to Mine Apostolic Family .. they who wholeheartedly are devoted to unveiling Truth ..
I teach thee of what is .. and what was .. and what is to come.
Ye shall examine heartily thineself .. and as you do so .. only then will you understand who you are, how you exist, and how you will come to be.
Michael Of Nebadon
The first mission of this 21st Century Bestowal Mission of Christ Michael Of Nebadon is to foster and personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty.

A multidimensional creature with immortal capacities

The Spirit of Paradise intends with you to weave It's emanations of perfection .. to make of thine character a conducive instrument .. to implement the enduring values and virtues which shall cause thee to choose righteousness and all-empowering rectitude.
Ye shall progress from child of the planetary surface into a multidimensional creature with immortal capacities.
These changes will raise the receptacle of the personality soul into moral and ethical values which endure .. attitudes which cleanse all hesitations and obstructions.
I say unto you .. thine Selfhood shall become spiritualized into continuity and constancy in the Father’s Kingdom.
Thine constancy will grow into the God Impulse carrying you towards the great culmination of all lifetimes in the Second Birth of Universal Citizenship.
Michael Of Nebadon

The Life of all life

The Kingdom of God is a vast emptiness from  every condition and complexity. It is the Immaculate Fullness of everflowing Nectar. The One Kingdom sustains all life with the food of existence .. and it is the Life of all life.
Every personality .. and all creatures great and small hath their nourishment coming from My Father’s Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy.
The Kingdom of the Heavens is as a great sea of consciousness wherein all possibilities exist. And as you enter into this Kingdom of Life .. then so shall you become ever greater in stature and status divine.
Michael Of Nebadon

You who seek and aspire and adore

Think ye that freedom and nourishment cometh to the unasking ones?
Think ye that the Infinity of the Nameless One shall inundate thee with his Goodness?
Ponder yet .. that God's Word hath it's avenues of fathomless distribution. His Manna from out of the Second Revealing of God the Son descendeth on those who put forth sincere effort and soulful determinations.
I say unto you who seek and aspire and adore to become the nature of God Himself .. that as each personality yearns for Objectivity .. as each one thirsts for righteousness and alignment with Truth .. these ones who apply their free will towards constructive emotionalism and everlasting earnestness of heart .. they discover grace and mercy coming to them from beyond the planetary earth.
The soul of humanity gropeth for radiance and its illumination. The civilized ones of the race do strive upwards to embody a greater portion of Infinity and His Existence.
Ye shall maketh thine progression evolutionary leap unto sovereignty a…

Prepare to receive

Prepare to receive thine inheritance. Atone by God's Fire of Love. Raise thine character into responsibility and relationship.
Greater things shall ye accomplish as thine devotions are rightly focused. There is a new order for humanity to evolve towards .. an everlasting renewal into light and life.
Be thou .. ever striving upwards; for there is a higher value to reveal, a fuller life, and a profoundly authentic purpose which seeks to emerge in thee.
I come to illuminate thine avenues of ascendancy.
Michael Of Nebadon

For growing thine mind and heart

The Lord thy God leads all into righteousness and remembrance .. rectitude and responsiveness.
He is the all-powerful stimulus for growing thine mind and heart in reliance and relationship with Truth and Reality.
His Life is your destination .. it is Unconditional Purpose and Purity. He delivers thee into revelation of courage and conviction .. counsel and the capacities to receive Objectivity of His Truth.
I am come to deliver thee unto thine opportunity for the Second Birth Initiation into Personality Immortality.
I sayeth .. forsake all and follow ye Me into your highest vision for living. Woa unto He and she who put their hand to the plowshare and turn back away; for they must await the eons once again to deliver them to the Father’s Kingdom.
Michael Of Nebadon

Everlasting Citizenship in Love

The Kingdom of My Father’s Life establishes security within the personality mind.  His Sovereign Kingdom generates certainty for the individual willing to transfigure themselves into his light.My Father’s Kingdom is stability for all the universes. His stability is harmony and divine order.In My Father’s Kingdom ye shall discover your penetrating purpose, heavenly meaning, and higher direction. You will uncover all those secrets to thine own existence as you raise thine mortal vibratory imperfections .. as ye unveil the veils of forgetfulness .. and as you peel back thine rebelliousness caused by poor decisions and obliterated loyalty which hath carried you into the darkness of misconstrued character and unethical choices. Now .. only as ye become diligent in purification .. and as ye are prone to give all glory and honor to God the Father, so shall you walk with Me into your everlasting Illumination and divine freedom. I come to raise the deaf into hearing .. to quicken the blind int…

Come harmless and without agenda

No one shall enter into My Father’s Kingdom of Love unless they come harmless and without agenda.
No vain purposes nor arrogance can withstand the pure emanations of God's Life.
Ye shall not want from another recognition and acknowledgement .. the embarrassing poisons of mortal corruption which hath you a slave to seekings in ephemerality.
You shall know from whence cometh thine benevolence and who art thine benefactors of love who look out for thine highest interest.
I sayeth unto My apostles of Salvington University, receive of Me here physically and in My Spirit Comforter .. yet look unto the Father’s Spirit Life in you. He is thine destination, and I am one and the same with He.
Ye shall not want from ephemerality .. neither shall you need .. for all goodness, truth, and beauty shall be made known to thee.  There shall be no secrets kept from you as you arise into our apostleship of ascendancy.
I await for the Father’s Life in you to reveal all...
Michael Of Nebadon

Those who do love Me shall become as I AM

Those who do love Me shall become as I AM. They who keepeth Mine commandments shall prosper themselves beyond their present stature in mortality; for these ones are worthy to partake of Our association. They are productively fruitful in their management of time and space.
We are collaborators together in the advancement of thy civilization. Art we now a growing company for goodly works, and the beauties of the Spirit Life.
Blessed are they who learn to become the Self-Directive Governing Consciousness of their God Life;  for I have shown thee the way, ye have partaken of its privileges in following in My footsteps into greater glory and everlasting dominion with the Father’s Spirit Life.
Michael Of Nebadon