There is a doorway divine

Behold .. thine Universe Father Son comes with the Universe Spirit and her Host of Ascendancy.

I tell thee .. there is a door unto the everlasting One. It is through thine mind and emerging immortal soul by which ye enter this door into the Kingdom of his Sovereignty.

There is a doorway divine .. definitive avenues by which ye must progress through this universe.

There are the heavens upon heavens .. galaxies upon near endless galaxies whereby civilizations progress .. individual personalities prosper themselves in advancement and spirit attainment.

Lo, ye know of Mine arrival in ephemeral form. Ye quake in thine bootstraps hearing of Mine coming into form with thee.

Ye perceive not 'tis of the season to arise from lethargies .. the dizzying confusions of the centuries.

I am come to regenerate the civilization into Objectivity and Love.

The times are upon thee to begin again thine walk with Us of the Universal Father Son Spirit .. the Great Parenthood of God.

Ask of Me for thine freedom. Accept thine misqualified momentums, and seek to bring truth and harmony to all that you have set into motion.

Allow the transmutation of thine ephemeral selfhood and thine mortal urges .. thine destructive egoism and evolutionary experience shall be gracefully handed over to the Father’s Spirit Life.

Discern thine errors of intoxicating unconsciousness. Make way for the tapestries of light. Weave thine field of consciousness into a carpet of the Christic Pattern of Paradise.

I bid thee boldness and courage .. I give thee counsel and capacities to receive truth, vision, and forgiveness.

I say .. open thyselves for counsel and understanding .. let knowledge prosper thee into righteousness and responsibility .. respect and receptivity .. revelation and reordering .. for the opportunity for ennoblement gestures you to come forth out of the ignorance of the uncivilized societies of the world.

Ye are love and wanted .. cared for and guided .. always in accordance with thine capacities to open thyself and partake of the elixir of Our eternity.

Michael Of Nebadon