Righteousness in the hearts and minds

I AM the Universal Vine of Life. All personalities in this universe are Mine branches.

I nourish all tributaries of the One Vine of the Universe.

Enter into My Father’s Sovereignty which is his Kingdom of Righteousness and Respect .. Remembrance and Relationship .. Revelation and Refinement.

I sayeth .. thine world needeth salvation from its trivialities.

It needeth resuscitation of values and vision so that a reformation shall happen gradually.

Deafness occurs within the peoples as they harken only to their bodily senses. Dumbness overtakes the voice of truth as the peoples allow themselves to distract their vision from righteousness and rectitude of heart.

Verily ye shall stand up as one people, and ye shall command thine freedom from slavery of mind and heart.

Ye shall turn the downward slope of humanity's evolutionary advancement unto it's rightful trajectory towards unification with the God Life and its everywhereness.

Thou children of terrestrial origins .. ye shall discover thine worthiness only as ye become attuned to the ascent into God's Glory .. his spirit emergence in you .. and his Will becoming implemented in all hearts.

The whole world needeth pure religious spirituality .. personality communion and collaboration with the Living Force of Love and Life Everlasting.

I come to establish this righteousness in the hearts and minds of the weary who live in quiet despair .. and who Hunger for the new way I bring.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon

University Of Salvington
Absolutum Charitas Ab Origine
Absolute Love of the Source of Life