Live above the chaos of the world

I teach Mine disciples and apostles of the world to live above the chaos of the world mind and the disharmonies of outer circumstances. I show them how to dissolve their conflicts, and to walk in their life yet beyond the ups and downs of mortal existence.

I show them the way of the Father Son Spirit who inordinately desire freedom .. harmony .. and order .. for human beings.

Verily do I reveal to thee .. the end of the destructive use of free will is upon human life. No longer will you be able to misuse thine free will and creative nature. . .

I am come to bring an anvil upon the world mind .. to forge the hot iron of Humankind’s will into the shape of Eternity. I shall heat things up upon this planetary civilization into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and respect .. remembrance and revelation .. rejuvenation and reorganization. . .

There are none to oppose this Universe Father Son in administering the Heavenly Father’s Will for humanity.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Salvington Spiritus Invictus