I ignite thine destiny, and I renew thine calling

Verily, Verily I speak to those personhoods of the One Parenthood of God .. these personalities with eyes of awe for God's Never-Ending Love and Intelligence .. and ears of wonderment for mastery of the Objectivity of Truth, as they contemplate the Absolute and Infinite Causeless Cause ...

There are two kinds of persons throughout all the world's of the One Father .. those persons who attempt to have Life serve them. These ones are filled with sorrowful remorse, misery and depressions without solution, endless confusions of subjectivity and self-righteous opinions; for they have sought to control the uncontrollable God .. and they have erred in their misunderstandings while futility have they to negotiate with the Infinite One who desires for everyone their everlasting freedom and the advancement of ascendancy.

And there are Mine apostles of the Universe who give to God almighty their free will, so that they may become the true instruments of God's Order, Harmony, Justice, and Illumination. These ones walk with Us always. They discover a great unwavering inward Joy and Dignity in serving the Plan of Salvation and the  One Will Absolute. They are willing to transfigure all their pain and the misgivings of a troubled heart with accountability and courage .. recognition of the Source of their Life .. respect for the Lid of God the Father .. and other Values of Eternity.

I say unto thee .. which ones doth ye determine for thyselves? With whom shall ye bend towards and ripen thyself? Art ye one who yearns for God's way of Objectivity and Honor?

I am come with the Infinite Mother and her Absolute Host of the Heavens .. to magnify all goodness, Truth, and Beauty to behold. I am thine Universe Michael .. Personification of the Father Son of the Trinity Endowment Trust of Paradise.

I ignite thine destiny, and I renew thine calling into the Sovereign Kingdom of the Omnipotent Parenthood of Paradise.

Michael Of Nebadon


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