I guide as ye ask

I AM the Way of Truth Everlasting.  Mine priorities are of Paradise.

Verily .. I encourage thee to enter first through thine faith the Kingdom of God.

Allow his Holy Presence to reach your field of human living.

Invite Me .. My Holy Comforter pervades thine personal space with all Truth and faith conviction. I guide as ye ask. I instruct as ye open.

I taketh thine mortal hand, and we walk into the loving embrace of the Godhood Individualized Life and Divine Identity of You.

The Way brings value, meaning, and virtue, to the human life experiences.

The Truth amplifies your divine authority as true child of the universes.  It strengthens thine creative authorship to qualify your God Life into constructive destiny with the Father’s Spirit.

The Life awakens in thee by your sincerest religious relationship with the Universal Spirit of the First Creative Center and Divine Source.

The Life is the great Unchangeable Order and Stability .. it is all Harmony and Wholehearted Willingness .. Happiness and Freedom. These are the mere results of living a life dedicated to discovering the Truth of God's Life.

In the great Spirit of Our Christhood Together .. Merry Christmas to one and to all persons .. all kingdoms of Life. Let God's Love and Mercy fill you now as you partake of My Word.

Michael Of Nebadon