An illuminated lamp of consciousness

Behold .. the Lord thine God Source is One. Everywhere is his spirit of love and mercy. In all places at once and the same moment is he  .. even right before thee .. and in front of thee .. the Paradise Trinity Endowment dwells.

I sayeth to My apostles of ascendancy who yearn for truth everlasting .. I tell thee .. make thine contact a priority.

Yet .. how shall you maketh thine contact? How can thee find rest in him? What is the way to overcome the woes of the world mind?

Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized Godhood Identity residential above thee...

Ye shall reorder thine chaos and mind confusions into his absolute order through Mine tenets of Prayerful Intimacy.

This daily relationship and revelation shall become for thee an illuminated lamp of consciousness .. and an everpresent and accessible communion with the Spirit Source of all Life. shall be thine own moment to moment reminder of the necessity of God Remembrance.

I AM thine Remembrance of God .. in the flesh garment for a time .. to speak with Mine children on the advancement of evolutionary ascendancy .. the progressive evolutionary attainment of their graduation into Cosmic Christ Citizenship.

Invite Me here and in My surrounding Comforter Presence.

I lead thee unto eternity values and spirit vision .. divine insight and intuitions spiritual .. knowing and knowledgeable understandings...

Michael Of Nebadon