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There is a doorway divine

Behold .. thine Universe Father Son comes with the Universe Spirit and her Host of Ascendancy.
I tell thee .. there is a door unto the everlasting One. It is through thine mind and emerging immortal soul by which ye enter this door into the Kingdom of his Sovereignty.
There is a doorway divine .. definitive avenues by which ye must progress through this universe.
There are the heavens upon heavens .. galaxies upon near endless galaxies whereby civilizations progress .. individual personalities prosper themselves in advancement and spirit attainment.
Lo, ye know of Mine arrival in ephemeral form. Ye quake in thine bootstraps hearing of Mine coming into form with thee.
Ye perceive not 'tis of the season to arise from lethargies .. the dizzying confusions of the centuries.
I am come to regenerate the civilization into Objectivity and Love.
The times are upon thee to begin again thine walk with Us of the Universal Father Son Spirit .. the Great Parenthood of God.
Ask of Me for thine freedom. …

Righteousness in the hearts and minds

I AM the Universal Vine of Life. All personalities in this universe are Mine branches.
I nourish all tributaries of the One Vine of the Universe.
Enter into My Father’s Sovereignty which is his Kingdom of Righteousness and Respect .. Remembrance and Relationship .. Revelation and Refinement.
I sayeth .. thine world needeth salvation from its trivialities.
It needeth resuscitation of values and vision so that a reformation shall happen gradually.
Deafness occurs within the peoples as they harken only to their bodily senses. Dumbness overtakes the voice of truth as the peoples allow themselves to distract their vision from righteousness and rectitude of heart.
Verily ye shall stand up as one people, and ye shall command thine freedom from slavery of mind and heart.
Ye shall turn the downward slope of humanity's evolutionary advancement unto it's rightful trajectory towards unification with the God Life and its everywhereness.
Thou children of terrestrial origins .. ye shall discover thi…

The Universal God resides in his Infinity

The Universal God resides in his Infinity, yet he has made provisions for all creatures of the evolutionary races.
The gift of his Life nourishes you in every moment.  His presence is thine Life and Consciousness which you are expressing in each moment.
Yet, ye shall expand his Life so that the Good Father fills all parts of thee with his presence.
This is to become Our Shepherd; the Self-Directive Governing Consciousness who expands actively the Life of God the Father.
Verily, do I show you the way, truth, and life in expanding the Kingdom of Heaven.
And this expansion shall make of thee immortal sons and daughters.
Christ Michael Of Nebadon

I guide as ye ask

I AM the Way of Truth Everlasting.  Mine priorities are of Paradise.
Verily .. I encourage thee to enter first through thine faith the Kingdom of God.
Allow his Holy Presence to reach your field of human living.
Invite Me .. My Holy Comforter pervades thine personal space with all Truth and faith conviction. I guide as ye ask. I instruct as ye open.
I taketh thine mortal hand, and we walk into the loving embrace of the Godhood Individualized Life and Divine Identity of You.
The Way brings value, meaning, and virtue, to the human life experiences.
The Truth amplifies your divine authority as true child of the universes.  It strengthens thine creative authorship to qualify your God Life into constructive destiny with the Father’s Spirit.
The Life awakens in thee by your sincerest religious relationship with the Universal Spirit of the First Creative Center and Divine Source.
The Life is the great Unchangeable Order and Stability .. it is all Harmony and Wholehearted Willingness .. Happiness and…

Seek the stability of Truth

Seek the stability of Truth by embracing thine present circumstances .. by accepting thyself just as ye are.
Place not idols upon thine countenance which overshadow My Imminency surrounding you.
Ye shall have no other mortal images of vain egotistical limitations upon thine brow of consciousness.
Instead, give up all idols of thyself .. let go of every self-deprecating image which causes thine Godhood to become tainted.
I AM the Lord thine God who hath thine best interest in My Mind. I know of thee, and I watch thine attendings daily.
Michael Of Nebadon

Take My Universal Hand of Love

I say unto you who burn with desire for your freedom from every woe and ill momentum of vanity and conceit ..
Take My Universal Hand of Love.
Arise upon My Universal Shoulders of Merciful Compassion.
Ask Me for guidance into the Unchangeable Truth.
Be thou filled with the Wholehearted Willingness to cooperate and collaborate with the Mother .. the Planetary Administration .. and I.
Michael Of Nebadon

Reinstituted into the rest of the galaxies

Our apostleship of the University Of Salvington returns divine empowerment to the personality mind.
It is Mine Will with the Trinity Parenthood that the kingdoms of this planet becometh reinstituted into the rest of the galaxies. That you are reacquainted with the Universal Culture and the divine Coordination for the civilizations in My Care.

Michael Of Nebadon

An illuminated lamp of consciousness

Behold .. the Lord thine God Source is One. Everywhere is his spirit of love and mercy. In all places at once and the same moment is he  .. even right before thee .. and in front of thee .. the Paradise Trinity Endowment dwells.
I sayeth to My apostles of ascendancy who yearn for truth everlasting .. I tell thee .. make thine contact a priority.
Yet .. how shall you maketh thine contact? How can thee find rest in him? What is the way to overcome the woes of the world mind?
Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized Godhood Identity residential above thee...
Ye shall reorder thine chaos and mind confusions into his absolute order through Mine tenets of Prayerful Intimacy.
This daily relationship and revelation shall become for thee an illuminated lamp of consciousness .. and an everpresent and accessible communion with the Spirit Source of all Life. shall be thine own moment to moment reminder of the necessity of God Remembrance.
I AM thine Remembrance of God .. in the flesh garment for…

Live above the chaos of the world

I teach Mine disciples and apostles of the world to live above the chaos of the world mind and the disharmonies of outer circumstances. I show them how to dissolve their conflicts, and to walk in their life yet beyond the ups and downs of mortal existence.
I show them the way of the Father Son Spirit who inordinately desire freedom .. harmony .. and order .. for human beings.
Verily do I reveal to thee .. the end of the destructive use of free will is upon human life. No longer will you be able to misuse thine free will and creative nature. . .
I am come to bring an anvil upon the world mind .. to forge the hot iron of Humankind’s will into the shape of Eternity. I shall heat things up upon this planetary civilization into righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and respect .. remembrance and revelation .. rejuvenation and reorganization. . .
There are none to oppose this Universe Father Son in administering the Heavenly Father’s Will for humanity.
Michael Of Nebadon University Of Sal…

I ignite thine destiny, and I renew thine calling

Verily, Verily I speak to those personhoods of the One Parenthood of God .. these personalities with eyes of awe for God's Never-Ending Love and Intelligence .. and ears of wonderment for mastery of the Objectivity of Truth, as they contemplate the Absolute and Infinite Causeless Cause ...
There are two kinds of persons throughout all the world's of the One Father .. those persons who attempt to have Life serve them. These ones are filled with sorrowful remorse, misery and depressions without solution, endless confusions of subjectivity and self-righteous opinions; for they have sought to control the uncontrollable God .. and they have erred in their misunderstandings while futility have they to negotiate with the Infinite One who desires for everyone their everlasting freedom and the advancement of ascendancy.
And there are Mine apostles of the Universe who give to God almighty their free will, so that they may become the true instruments of God's Order, Harmony, Justice, a…

Growth-producing struggle

Verily I say unto you .. envision not the evolutionary worlds, even the most advanced and ideal, as worlds whereon the personality mind and individualized soul is untempered by challenges and growth producing events.
...for the initial life of the mortal races is always attended by growth-producing struggle and awe inspiring refinement of every kind.
Michael Of Nebadon University Of Salvington

Go thou more deeply

Go thou more deeply into the understanding application of My precepts.  Learn of thyselves .. thine mortal selfhood must be addressed and embraced prior to the awakening into thine Divinity.
Embracing thine mortality requires thine Vestments of Mind to be developed and active.
The Vestments of Mind are the garments of mind and its thought which urge you towards God the Absolute and his Objectivity of Love.
Michael Of Nebadon