Your choices

Beautiful children of this planetary civilization .. you have a destiny which shall be unearthed and achieved according to your choices.

Two shall be standing in the field of life .. one is quickened and ascended while one is left to remain and tend to their personality pastures still further; to mature the vestments of their mind, to focus upon the values of their religious relationship, and virtues of the heart.

I have indeed prepared a place for you to arise towards .. to establish thine greater spiritual status and to secure a more abundant existence .. a prosperity of expanding experiences in life.

Worthiness develops as ye raise thyself into thine Godhood Individualized.

Worthiness is as a frequency .. a vibratory activity .. wherein  humility must be developed.

Worthiness develops with righteousness of choice .. boldness of courageously endowed decisions.

Be thou of a mind which seeks Objectivity of Love.  Master thine understanding. Mature thine comprehensive knowledge of things eternal .. truly valuable and earnestly sincere.

I am come to fulfill our covenant agreement together. To shine clarity upon the way .. and to help you to enter therein to the Father’s Spirit Life and Kingdom.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Salvington Spiritus Invictus