Understanding must be converted into experiential knowledge

Understanding is not just an intellectual feat. Just as eating food is worthless if we merely place the food on the tongue without taking it any further into the body.

Eating is worthwhile only when the food is chewed and swallowed and digested and assimilated in the blood stream and transformed into muscle and bone .. into strength and vigor.

So too .. understanding must be taken more fully within ..  to  permeate all the levels of one's consciousness, and to invigorate all the moments of one's life. Understanding must be converted into experiential knowledge .. a knowing must emerge from that understanding as you transmute mere words and thoughts into deeply held feeling and experience.

I do tell thee Mine children .. thine earth planet is nearing the time when it shall taken upon herself the garment of Immortality. Planets too aspire towards greater actualization in the Father. Planets are embodied by Individual Beings and their Consciousness pervades the form of the planet.

Virgo is the being who embodies this planetary orb. She is the One who embodies your home planet. She desires to evolve herself, and she has withstood eons of time in holding the civilization into its Integrity as a creation of the Father. Virgo desires to advance her own expression, and to raise this form of a planet into its evolutionary destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon