The Wheat Separates from the Chaff

Again and still again I come unto them .. the weary travelers of thine earth's evolution. They cry out to Me .. weeping for My Grace .. and when I appear as I do in this My bestowal .. they are of a mind unable to receive Me.

Alas .. I come to separate the wheat of humanity from it's chaff of unreceptive ones who hold not the capacity to nourish themselves. 

They shall continue to weep and these ones shall remain athirst .. hungry .. on their knees in search.

They shall find Me not .. nor shall they have the Grace from out of Mine Being to help them in their progressive evolutionary advancement.

I say unto Mine ready children .. prepare thyselves for advancement through your own Individualized Life.

Ye shall reap all that ye have sown with mortal thoughts. All that ye have placed into creation must be retrieved and returned to the Father. And He receives not his Immaculate Consciousness of Life while tainted with human thought impressions and imperfections.

Lo .. unto the children of Israel .. the children of the world civilization .. O shall I do the Father’s bidding and 'pluck' out from amongst ye the prepared ones who have made of themselves servants of the Infinite One .. his commandments to bring thyselves upon his altar of perfection. 

These are Our children .. of the Mother and I. These children shall raise all their lifetimes into becoming the Divine Shepherd of Sovereignty .. the Shepherd is of the Cosmic Christ who gathers their lost sheep of thought and feeling, and removes their vibratory anesthesia of unawareness through the process of transfiguration.

I announce to thee once again .. I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Trinity Father Son Personified .. the Hand of God the Sevenfold who reaches thine heart through the Godhood Individualized Life of thee...

Michael Of Nebadon