The Jewel of Humanity

Oh Mine brethren upon this earthly jewel of a planet .. become as the nature of the Universal Spirit inhabiting all creatures and beings .. his nature is merciful compassion .. his character teems with everlasting glory of love and tender kindness.

Be thou .. Mine children .. the nature of God I AM and God thou art.

Become him in thine understanding knowledge and experience; for ye possess in thine very midst a portion of God's Life and Consciousness.

I am thine Creator Father Son Michael. I come to give thee passport unto realms of glory and benevolence. I offer thee eternal wisdom which shall elevate thine stature of existence.

For it be thine destiny that the mortal place upon itself the immortal .. and the corruptible become quickened and ascended into the incorruptible One.

I show ye the way to forgiveness for all errors and misconceptions that have transpired for thee .. all things temporal shall become illuminated and then accelerated in their  transformation .. and ye shall find thine entrance unto the Kingdom of God's Immortality and Immaculate Conception.

Ye shall maketh good deeds out of the mists of darkness .. thy character growth shall unveil from within thee a nature of priceless Virtue and everlasting Value.

Mine Vision shall awaken thee from the torrent of materially-centered density .. and the non-deliberate misintention and misqualification of God's Life.

Misinterpretation and misperception shall straighten itself towards the Absoluteness of God's Objectivity .. his Love hath no bounds nor limitations. 

This visionary ideal which I bring to your race shall destroy thine quiet loneliness and utter struggle for peace.

Mine verities shall eradicate all thine inner obstructions.

These are but the ephemeral clouds which momentarily hide the light .. and these will become faded away as thine lips speak holy praises and thine thoughts take direction constructive .. and thine feelings generate harmony and balance.

Thine Faith Invisualization and Imagination Trust shall cause to appear the glory of our Initiatory Father’s Kingdom.

Verily do I invoke thine best interests when I instruct thee on Prayerful Intimacy with the Individualized God Identity above you.

Goodwill to all and peace unto each one...

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Absolutum Charitas Ab Origine