Sovereignty and Truth

God is Sovereignty and Truth...

Sovereignty brings forth Objectivity raising the personality beyond the bounds of their subjective opinions which may or may not be true.

Sovereignty makes the unknown to be known so that you can advance thyselves further into vast ideas and heartfelt experience.

Sovereignty allows certainty to emerge in the life of the individual, and certainty establishes security.

Sovereignty destroys all uncertainties for the personality, and any insecurity becomes evaporated.

Sovereignty paves the way for stability to flourish in the life of the person, so much so that all things become ordered and harmonious.

Sovereignty is Truth, and Truth is Sovereignty.  Truth Absolute is the One God Life which has its entrance right within our breathing.

Sovereignty shall raise thee into honorable choices and moral character shall be developed well and good.

Sovereignty quickens thought into this primordial peace and prosperity of stillness.

Sovereignty is God's Supremacy.

Ye shall say ...

"I AM Perfect Order, Primordial Peace, Paradise Perfection is now Released."

Michael Of Nebadon