Oh Mine brethren ... the cycle draws to a close

Oh Mine brethren of the earthly evolutionary journey .. the cycle draws to a close. All things hidden and repressed shall find their way to the surface of consciousness in individuals.

I say unto thee .. behold thine Life in the Universal Spirit who is that One Life.

Give all thine gratitude to this One God Life who is Infinity Itself. Contemplate this Mine children .. the One Deity Absolute hath Individualized himself as you .. as thine Godhood Individualized above thee.

Embrace his nature as creativity itself. Enjoin thineself with him in all that you think and feel and say and act. Let thine life become a living expression of this One Life which hath all benevolence for thee.

I am come into the Kingdom of the earth to reacquaint you with your destiny. . .

Michael Of Nebadon