Mine Spirit of Truth

Mine Spirit of Truth is bestowed upon all sincere believers; this gift of My Spirit which the Father ordains and has designed for the advancement of all peoples did not come only to My apostles at that time. The one hundred and twenty men and women assembled in the upper chamber all received this new teacher, as did all the honest of heart throughout the whole world.

Verily do I say unto thee .. this new teacher with whom ye shall embark with upon thine journey to the Father Individualized is bestowed upon humankind, and every personality soul receives Me in accordance with their love for truth and the capacity to grasp and comprehend spiritual realities.

Mine pure religious spirituality is delivered to thee away from the misguided custody of religious and spiritual intermediaries of every kind. There shall be no one to intercede in thy behalf other than the Planetary Host who art thine universal brothers and sisters, and having walked the same journey they are qualified to do so.

The religious priests of this world are unqualified and shall not lead thee into truth and righteousness; for they themselves have as of yet walked this way. All sacred classes and exclusive religions controlled by human misrepresentation shall not ever nor ever shall they interfere with your advancement into Light; for the true religion which I bring once again to your race finds its real manifestation in the individual souls of all women and men.

The religion of Mine return is once again the stimulus for thine personality soul advancement into Universal Citizenship and its Immortality in both service and life expression. It fosters the highest type of human civilization in that it creates the highest type of unified spiritual personality while it proclaims the sacredness of each unique individual personhood who comes to recognize their rightful place in the Totality of God.

Michael Of Nebadon