Living Truth

The Living Truth shall become revealed to those personalities who venture forth in themselves...

They who willingly empty their cup of sorrowful human intellectual misunderstandings, and strive to Understand the intention of the Heart of Eternity.

Truth is what you are beyond the veils of those  imperfect vibratory activities.

This Living Truth is Immaculately Conceived .. it is Unconditional Certainty. It brings to all personalities an Unchangeable Order and Stability .. Security of mind and feeling and Harmony in circumstances flourish .. Safety and Sentience blossom forth.

How then, shall personality mind awaken to itself as Living Truth?

Daily Prayerful Intimacy with Infinity Individualized is Mine Way to the Father’s Kingdom of Love.

Seek ye this religious relationship .. this reverberation of mercy in every possible moment.

Gather thine thought attention and direct this creative attention towards the Absoluteness of God above you.

Be thou .. Mine Salvington Sovereign Shepherd of Supremacy.

The Selfhood of Christ .. the Self-Directive Governing Consciousness and Intelligence... 

Faith Invisualization opens the doorways within you. Imagination Trust penetrates the veils of forgetfulness. Impregnation Breathing allows the individual personality mind to become the receptacle of Truth.

These are yet a few of My Preceptual Teachings...

With Impregnation Breathing you are daily  exchanging the garment of mortality for the Living Garment of God's Truth.

I say unto thee .. reach and I shall answer thee with loving balm and comforting guidance.

Empty thyself .. and ye shall become filled to overflowing grace.

Transfigure thine misqualification, and all Truth necessary shall appear to you .. in you .. of you .. all will be revealed unto thee.

Be thou seeking, discovering, contemplating .. and the Living Cause .. thine Absolute Living Truth .. shall be made known to you.

The manifestation of ephemerality of appearances shall appear as naught, as the Cause of thine being appears in and as your consciousness.

Cause is the All .. the Aught .. the One which nourishes mind and personality into soul receptacle.

Ye shall know thyself directly as Cause .. and all withering effects shall become illuminated. Death shall see ye not. Disease shall run hither and away.

I come to raise those individuals of your civilization into the promise of eternity .. into  their own Individualized Godhood which dwells directly above each human being.

For this evolutionary advancement is the next growth phase for human life. Moreso than any religious beliefs and spiritual relations .. the new order if humanity shall come to any and all who partake of My Father’s Kingdom

Verily do I say to you .. empty thine cup of ephemerality. Open thyself into receiving. Humble thine countenance and mature thine character.

This is thine very moment upon the clock of all lifetimes. Mastery of your creative authorship is upon thee to advance thine career in the universe.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Absolutum Charitas Ab Origine