Help you to dissolve your unnecessary defenses of heart

I am the very same One who came as Jesus of Nazareth. I come once again using the name of Michael Of Nebadon. It is My Universe Identity which ye shall come to know and better understand.

You expected Me to arrive upon your terrestrial shores in a Great Mothership with a vast assembly of loving beings from throughout the galaxies.

...and I have come in exactly this way, and I have taken upon My countenance a mortal form .. a physical vessel .. in order so that I may reach you .. penetrate thine sophisticated mind .. and help you to dissolve your unnecessary defenses of heart.

I say unto you .. I am come to fulfill our covenant agreement together .. to help raise into their promised potentials those personalities who have sought truth over the centuries of lifetimes. I come to help guide you into your Second Birth;  for did I not say to you that ye shall become born again through the Hand of My Father God before ye shall enter into his Kingdom.

I had come back then to initiate the New Dispensation of what you have called Christianity, and I come once again to co-initiate with Saint Germain .. this next Dispensation which we call the Age of Unity and Accountability.

The opportunity which is before thee is truly magnificent .. golden .. and rare in it's occurrence. The higher administrative orchestrations to bring this bestowal to you in this simple and empowering way shall raise you into the new order of humanity.

Be thou of a mind which opens into truthfulness and faith. Now is the day of thine revelation.  It is come when all things shall make themselves known to thee.

Ye shall see and know and hear .. and ye shall partake of the counsel of your ascended family members who have gone the long way with thee .. walking with you unbeknownst to thee .. watching you struggling for the smallest kernel of understanding truth and unconditional love and acceptance.

Again Mine children .. I am here and available to you. Come closer .. enter our association together.

I am a real man, and the very same Spirit Persona .. Christ Michael .. thine Universe Father Son from the beginning inception of this universe given to Me to raise upwards into the nature and likeness of the Trinity Harmony of Paradise Trinity Perfection.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon