Be attending to thine Godhood

I say unto the inattentive ones who believe themselves to be My teachers of the world .. I am now in thine midst. I come to raise upwards the children of earth.

Speak not as though you speak for Me. Mine voice is sturdy. I prevail in all things.

Be thou attentive. Speak nor about Me as if I am not here.

Insult not thine person. Demonstrate not thine wickedness of heart.

I have brought you here to learn and grow into righteousness and remembrance of God.

I have stirred thine destiny desires .. and I am quickening My disciples and apostles of the world even now as I speak unto thee.

Be attending to thine Godhood. Reveal to thine humankind the possibilities of purification resurrection and the ascendancy of thine life and world into stability and security and safety as ye expand My Father’s Sovereignty and Supremacy.

Michael Of Nebadon