Allow then .. this new understanding

Verily, the things of the world are effects which are absolutely derived from causes within humankind.

Thought when intensified becometh feeling; for all is really only a derivative of the Father's Initiatory Thought.

Thought intensified into feeling accumulates with time. Thine thought builds momentum through this accumulation, and these accumulated vibratory impressions gather force while gradually finding their way into expression.

These accumulations of thought becometh attributes of qualities .. attitudes of habits .. and acts of the personality mind.

I say .. impregnate thyself with the Pure God Qualities which shall generate your unconditional freedom.

Gain thy godly momentums .. deepen thine inspirations of insight and intelligence .. crystallize thine intent and plan .. allow thine ideal to prosper thee.

As you gain thine understanding of creation .. thine nature of creativity which is Love .. ye shall harness the powers of this Creative Love; for all Creative Power is God.

God is the One and Only Consciousness and Intelligence which ever can think and act in your life. Only the God Force creates with the Powers of His own Love.

Be thou God's Life. Enter into thine Godhood I say. Expand his Kingdom of Immaculate Thought. Let him prosper all creatures and kingdoms with his perfect Thought.

Allow then .. this new understanding to cometh to ye.

Permit this Universal Light to give inspiration and instruction to thee.

Thine mortal life shall renew itself within our Comforter Spirit Association. Ye shall become a new creature birthed once again through the Initiatory Thought of God Himself .. and thine mortal shall place upon itself the Immortality of God's Holy Thought.

Michael Of Nebadon